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You And Your Pet Can Benefit From Pet Insurance

Florida has year-round mild weather conditions so pets spend more time outside and involved in recreation than in other parts of the country. This can add up to higher health care bills from accidents and parasitic disease. Florida pet health insurance functions just like the medical insurance for people, helping to offset the rising costs of veterinary care.

Different insurance plans have different kinds of coverage. If you have a younger pet, you may choose higher deductibles or lower limits as younger animals are in better health. Older animals have more medical issues and need more coverage for illnesses and chronic conditions. A good practice is to insure your pet while it is still young, and to obtain lifetime coverage. As your animal ages it will continue to enjoy continuing coverage provided under such a policy. Besides covering hereditary problems, accidents, and illnesses, you can also include routine care in the insurance package. This is optional additional coverage for such things as annual exams, vaccinations, and teeth cleaning.

One in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year, and costs are rising. Veterinary care now costs 70% more than it did five years ago. If your pet had a sudden medical emergency, would you have the funds to provide for immediate care? Florida pet health insurance makes sense both for you and your furry companion.