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Why Your Yacht Club Needs Insurance

Yacht clubs face different insurance challenges than other businesses do. Not only do yacht clubs have land based assets, but things on and in the water are, also, a concern. That is why insurance for yacht clubs is best bought through an insurance agency that has experience in the maritime field. The club’s members will want to know the club’s yachts are adequately covered by the club’s insurance policy should anything unexpected happen.

Yacht clubs are more than boats, though. Among the other things that will need to be covered by the insurance policy are the staff and volunteers who help keep the club running, the boats owned and rented by the club and the buildings where the club holds any social events. In addition to fire, theft and personal injury, a yacht club faces the possibility of collision damage, both to the boats and to the docks.

Insurance for yacht clubs is a requirement, but, with so many options and needs, it can be confusing to figure out which policy will work best for your club. An experienced insurance agency will be able to help your club assess its needs and provide you with an insurance policy that will work best for you at a reasonable cost.