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Workplace Protections and Rights for CNAs

If you are an employer who employs certified nursing assistants (CNAs), it is important to understand CNA rights and have adequate insurance coverage for these employees. With steady job growth projected for this field, knowing the rights and responsibilities involved will only become more and more important.

Physical and Mental Safety

Being a CNA can be a physically strenuous job, and CNAs have the right to safe working conditions that protect them from injury. They also have the right to a workplace that is free from all types of harassment, and to appropriate channels for reporting violence, harassment, or other hazardous behavior.

Overtime Pay

CNA rights include the right to 1.5 times hourly pay for hours worked over 40 per week, as outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Legal Protection

If a CNA has a neglect or abuse claim filed against them, they should have the right to file an appeal against the said claim.

The work done by a CNA is both extremely valuable and very demanding. To protect and retain their workers, those who employ CNAs need to understand CNA rights and protections. These rights encompass many things from having a safe and harassment-free workplace to proper recourse in the event that claims are made against a CNA.