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How Workers’ Compensation Affects You

Having the assurance that your company protects you in case an injury happens is significant. Though distinct for most states, if the business your now working for has three or more employees, the state of Georgia requires it for your business to supply workers’ compensation insurance to be certain you are shielded. For a better comprehension of how you’re protected, review these details.

What’s Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance which you are given through the business that employs you. It’s used to supply wage replacements and has medical advantages to offer to workers who become injured while working at work. If you’re injured on the job and claim workers’ comp, you expensing for medical bills and instantly relinquishment your rights to sue the firm since they’re helping you during your restoration.

Is Workers’ Settlement the same for every state?

No. Each state has their own rules and regulations that businesses must follow. To develop a better comprehension of how you’re protected, reach out for added details affecting your case to your company or the state board.

Every authority has different regulations and is distinct, but here are some examples of what your workers’ settlement can do for you.

Compensation or payment of expenses and medical bills
We consistently recommend checking with your company to see how it is going to apply in case of an injury to you.

Weekly pay isn’t to exceed a certain amount. Weekly pay is prorated based on the date of your injury.

Is my company required to hire me back upon medical acceptance?

No. It’s entirely up to your employer whether or not hiring you back will help the business. With this said there’s no direct repercussions for a company firing an employee who’s presently receiving benefits under the workers’ compensation act.

But if you are fired by your company during the time you’re receiving benefits, a discrimination claim can perhaps be set against your company under the National and State Laws, if appropriate.

Should I hire an attorney?

For starters, your attorney will have the ability to represent you in court hearings and assemblies (if appropriate due to breaches) if you are not able to attend because of hospitalization.

Hire a personal injury lawyer in the proceedings and understand what’s accessible to you that you need professional representation. Take some time to reach out to your company to better understand your benefits if an injury should happen to happen and how the workers are executed.