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What Is MEL Maritime Liability Insurance?

Maritime employees face numerous risks in the course of doing their jobs. The hazards can vary widely depending on the type of work they do, where they conduct their work and what type of vessel they are working on. Not all company employees’ work on a company-owned boat at all times, and they need to be protected no matter whose vessel they are on while doing their jobs. This is where MEL comes in.

Maritime Employee Liability Coverage

Maritime employee liability insurance is not required under maritime law, yet the benefits for you and your workforce render this form of protection invaluable for both your employees and your business. Without this coverage, you risk legal ramifications if your personnel become ill or injured while on a vessel not owned by your company.

According to experts, MEL insurance covers your workers, whether they perform their duties on your boat or someone else’s, in the case of:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Loss of life

Furthermore, as long as they are employed under the category of seaman, it doesn’t matter what their actual job title is.

Maritime construction workers, scientists, surveyors and artisans often conduct their jobs on vessels owned and operated by other companies. The hazards they face out at sea do not change because they are not on a company-owned boat. Get the protection they deserve, no matter where they work, with MEL coverage.