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What Does Attorney Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Even though you’re a lawyer yourself, you still face the threat of a lawsuit from your own clients when something goes wrong. It’s thought that around 6 percent of attorneys will face an allegation of professional liability at some point in their career. Don’t get caught without attorney professional liability insurance.

Although you do need to read your policy to know what it covers and what it doesn’t, typically professional liability insurance provides coverage for claims that are considered “wrongful acts” in the rendering of your legal services. A typical policy handles the costs of your defense and any potential settlement up to the limits of your policy. Your policy generally covers services that you provide, such as if you are a title agent or notary public.

What isn’t covered is important to note. Attorney professional liability insurance does have items that are excluded from coverage. Common ones include:

  • Fraudulent, criminal, malicious, and dishonest acts
  • Bodily injury
  • Services provided to a business that is owned by the insured lawyer
  • Claims against an insured lawyer by another lawyer in the same firm

Always check your insurance policy to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your business’ assets and finances. Your professional liability insurance provides the money for a defense in case you are sued. This lets you continue to focus on your own clients, instead of dedicating resources to your own case.