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What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

The primary focus of cosmetic dentists in Orange County is to give patients a radiant smile and enhanced self-esteem by improving their teeth and gums using one of three principal methods. Each technique centers on the improvement of the smile by changing the teeth and has become a popular body enhancement used by nearly every OC cosmetic dentist in the last 10 years.

Additions to Teeth

When the surface of a tooth is less than perfect, the appearance may be changed by bonding, adding veneers or covering with crowns. Bonding reshapes the tooth by adding an enamel composite material which is formed and polished into a more attractive tooth. Veneers are porcelain sheets that can be bonded to the tooth to improve color, repair gaps, and alter shape. Crowns are also called caps and may be placed over the tooth to completely cover it.

Appearance of Teeth

Whitening and bleaching to improve the tooth’s appearance using chemicals and lasers has become increasingly popular and accepted in society. A bleaching chemical is spread onto the teeth and a laser beam is used to speed the whitening process. This procedure can also be used to change the color of teeth when they are dark. Gum redness can be altered by depigmentation. Using a laser to eliminate a layer of tissue can lighten the redness and improve gum appearance for years

Structure of Teeth

Changing the position of teeth using metal braces has been acceptable for many years. Braces can modify tooth spacing and alignment, thus improving a smile and general appearance. An alternative to the traditional metal braces is a clear, nearly invisible tooth cover. Easy to use and comfortable, invisible braces are popular with busy adults.

Creating a Smile

Cosmetic dentists focus on the face by creating a striking smile with beautiful teeth. Your OC cosmetic dentist can help you decide what changes to your teeth can enhance your smile and help you achieve the appearance you most desire.