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Ways to Educate Staff on Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

Staffing firms have to worry about the behaviors and actions of more than just those on their business payroll. Sexual misconduct insurance helps protect the firm when a temporary worker is accused of sexual harassment at a client’s business. Here are a few ways to help deter sexual harassment among all those contracted with the firm.

Misconduct Names

The insurance firm World Wide Specialty Programs states sexual abuse can be called many other names including improper conduct, explicit sexual abuse or improper sexual conduct. All of these terms stand for similar behavior that negatively affects another, especially in the workplace.

Bystander Training

Rather than focusing on victims and harassers, bystander training focuses on stopping harassment. This provides the skills necessary for those who witness it happening to report the misconduct. Disrupting the situation and taking the time to speak with the harassment target are some of the items taught in this type of training.

Civility Encouragement

Instead of focusing on what not to do or say in training, focus on how to behave and treat others. Promoting positive behaviors helps encourage civility in the workplace.

Protect the staffing firm with sexual misconduct insurance in case something happens. Incorporating some additional education and training can help decrease the risk of harassment from happening.