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Understanding The Benefits Of California High Net Worth Home Insurance

California high net worth home insuranceIt goes without saying that one of the best ways to protect your property and family from many of life’s challenges is to have a good insurance policy. However, if your combined assets are greater than that of the average person, an average home insurance policy may not be providing you with the coverage you need. That’s where California high net worth home insurance comes in.

What is high net worth home insurance?

High net worth insurance for the home fills the gaps where regular homeowners’ insurance policies fail. If you have particularly valuable possessions, getting the best coverage to protect them may not be available through a standard policy. High net worth home policies are often more customized to better serve clients with different needs.

What does a high net worth home policy cover?

Every policy differs, and the one that’s right for your will depend on your specific situation. Typical coverage offered by California high net worth home insurance may include:

  • extra protection for vacation or seasonal homes
  • coverage for personal valuables such as works of art, jewelry or high tech gadgetry
  • insurance for personal aircraft or water vehicles
  • flood and earthquake coverage with higher ceilings

The best way to find out whether or not high net worth home insurance is right for you is to talk with an insurance agent. He or she can help you review your assets and your current coverage so you can decide if a policy change is in order, so contact your agent today to discuss your options.