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Understanding the Difference between Homeowner’s and Vacant Home Insurance

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Vacant home insurance Florida

If you own a home that is covered by homeowner’s insurance you may think that preparing to leave it vacant entails little more than locking up the doors and windows and walking away. The truth is you could be setting yourself up for financial disaster if you do so. Insurance companies actually view vacant homes as riskier to insure and standard homeowner’s policies often become invalid if a home sits unoccupied for over 30 days. As a result, if you need to leave your home vacant for an extended period of time you’ll need to purchase vacant home insurance in Florida to protect yourself and your investment.


Why Do I Need a Separate Policy?


Whether you need to leave your home vacant while you wait for it to sale or while you take an extended vacation, you will need to speak to an insurance agent before leaving it unoccupied. Most homeowner’s insurance policies exclude claims if there is proof of “abandonment of property.” Therefore, if damage were to happen to your home or someone where to be injured on your property after it was left vacant, you could be left without any insurance coverage to help pay the bill.


Where to Find Vacant Home Insurance in Florida


Not every insurance company offers vacant home insurance and prices for protection can vary widely. Research insurance companies weighing a number of factors including price, length of policy terms, and the financial stability of the insurance company. After making sure that you have purchased vacant home insurance in Florida that you can afford and provides the coverage that you need, you can walk away from your home knowing that you and your financial future are protected.