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Types of Specialty Insurance

specialty insurance lines


There are plenty of reasons to get specialty insurance lines or insurance for something unique that regular insurance policies may not cover. You may think that you don’t have anything that wouldn’t be covered under regular insurance; however, most people have something. Here are some examples

Some people choose to get wedding insurance. Weddings involve a lot of time and money as well as energy to plan. There are policies that cover cancellation and postponement as well as liability in the case of someone getting injured while celebrating. Travel insurance can insure you in cases where you have emergency medical expenses while out of the country, as well as cover you if your trip is cancelled or delayed due to weather.

Jewelry insurance is another type that you can use specialty insurance for. Normal policies only insure up to $2,000 worth of jewelry, so if you have a lot of valuable jewelry, getting additional protection may be necessary. In this case, you often have to have the jewelry appraised in order to collect for it.

Pet health insurance is another type of the many different specialty insurance lines offered for your unique needs. This is just like human health insurance, but it is used for medical bills for your pets. Don’t hesitate to find specialty insurance policies for your most valuable possessions today.