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Top Benefits of Having Insurance When Your Truck Breaks Down

Hauling loads across the state and across country is a daily job for truckers. With all the miles you put on your rig, the truck is bound to break down at some point. When that happens, commercial vehicle breakdown insurance can make your life easier. Save time and money with low monthly payments and get back on the road.

Insurance Benefits

Not only do truck repairs cost you money to fix, but they mean more time spent not working. No work means no pay. Plus most of those services require payment up front, taking what precious cash reserves you do have. Save money by investing in an inexpensive insurance policy that includes benefits such as:

  • Hotel and Travel Discounts
  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance
  • Vehicle Extricating / Winching
  • Fuel Delivery Service (up to 30 gallons)
  • Navigation Assistance / Custom Trip Routing
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Lockout / Replacement Key Services
  • Truck Rental Assistance
  • Tire Replacement Assistance
  • Vehicle Jump Start
  • Water, Oil and Fluid Delivery Service
  • Towing Services
  • Concierge Service
  • Mobile Mechanic Service

Life on the road is full of ups and downs. Don’t let a flat tire, empty fuel tank or lockout keep you from getting back on the road and delivering goods. Protect your assets with commercial vehicle breakdown insurance and be ready for whatever the road throws at you.