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Top 3 Welding Risks

Any welder will tell you that the practice is as much an art as it is a scientific discipline, and that one needs a strong attention span and a refined sense of focus to undertake such a dangerous mode of work. And though welding may indeed be dangerous, it is also an in-demand and lucrative way to make money. So what are the top three dangers and risks associated with welding?

Fume Inhalation

Noxious fumes are almost always present during welding work. Welding risks such as fume inhalation are taken very seriously in the industry. Proper ventilation and masks must be worn to prevent serious illness or even death, and these safety practices must be followed to the letter.

Burn Injuries

Due to the high temperatures, a “hot” job like welding can lead to many types of burns. Regular breaks and proper clothing can help to reduce these kinds of injuries, as well as setting up safety protocols that will lead to fewer accidents in the workspace.

Electrical Mishaps

A welder is essentially wielding electricity, and so it is incredibly important to keep an eye out for electrical mishaps. All cords and cables should be properly grounded and shielded in order to prevent the risk of injurey and death by electrocution.