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Three Ways To Stay Close To Far Family

When you live far apart from your family, it’s essential to maintain a constant contact to stay updated on each other’s lives and to feel closer together. How can you maintain closeness with your family when they live in another country and visiting often isn’t possible?

Send Care Packages

A box full of your loved one’s favorite things can be a wonderful surprise. Fill it with candy, books and other things that they love to show that you’re thinking of them. If you’re worried about something going wrong in delivery, look into foreign package insurance, or check out if you’ve got questions.

Let Technology Be Your Friend

Apps like Marco Polo and Skype will be your best friend when your family is far away. Take advantage! They’re free to download and it makes a huge difference when you can see and talk to your favorite people face to face and hear their voices.

Text Every Day

Even though there’s no substitute for seeing them, staying updated throughout the day can also help you feel closer. Text your sister during lunch and tell her about the chili dog you’re eating, or text Dad and ask the question about your engine that you’ve been meaning to ask. Including each other in your daily lives is one way to feel like you never left.

It’s hard to be away from your family, especially as the holidays get closer. Do what you can to bridge the distance and stay close with your family, even if they’re far apart.