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Three Reasons Why Insurance on a Marine Vessel Is Necessary on the West Coast

The West Coast of America is not typically prone to experiencing severe storms like the intense hurricanes that are sometimes seen on the East Coast. For individuals who enjoy boating and marine activities, this is wonderful news. However, while destructive hurricanes rarely strike, it is still very important to have boat insurance in California. Here are three reasons why insurance on a vessel is necessary.

1. Accidents Happen on the Water

Unfortunately, boating accidents may occur, and the costs associated with a wreck may be enormous. Plus, if an injury is sustained to a passenger or another individual, a boat owner could be responsible for medical costs. The insurance firm Maritime Insurance (which has been protecting boat owners for over 50 years) can provide coverage in the event of a boating accident.

2. Theft May Occur

Theft may take place at home – or on a yacht. If a thief breaks into a marine vessel and items are stolen on board – or if the property is vandalized – insurance policies can offer reimbursement to owners for damaged or stolen property.

3. Inclement Weather Could Strike

While Californians enjoy plentiful sunshine throughout the year and hurricanes are a rarity, bad weather is still possible. It is vital to be prepared for any damage that could result from a coastal storm. Therefore, obtaining boat insurance in California may provide peace of mind during days when the weather – or the sea – is rough.