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The Remedy for Job-Related Injuries

For some businesses, on-the-job injuries are all too common. In assisted living centers and nursing homes, workers are often faced with tasks that require lifting patients in and out of beds, often bending and twisting in their effort to help residents with difficulty moving around on their own.

Constant movement can certainly take a toll on the backs of employees, regardless of how well trained they may be. A strained back can often become a severe issue, even resulting in days missed from work. When asked, what is workers compensation insurance, the answer is simple: it’s designed to pay for loss wages and medical expenses for employees on the job.

Many common injuries can ignite a claim

When an employee is hurt on the job, responsible employers make sure that the injured party gets treatment immediately and does everything possible to ensure that they can come back to work as soon as possible. In addition they must also be fairly compensated for lost wages while they are recovering. While workers’ comp programs vary from state to state, they’re all designed to meet those goals.

Heavy lifting, which is common in this profession, often leads to back injuries. One issue many employers face is the fact that a claim can occur that lasts for years. Then there are cases, for example, where a claim develops and is later deemed to have been misdiagnosed and needs to be moved to another adjuster’s area of responsibility. In the best interest of the employer and the employee, case managers should follow the flow of the client’s claim, from onset of the injury to final resolution.

A return-to-work program can aid in recovery

The insurance company and the employer may ask the doctor if perhaps the employee can be cleared to do some light-duty work as a way of getting them into the flow of things. They want the employee to return to work in any capacity as a way of bolstering their self-esteem. When asked, what is workers compensation insurance, the answer should be that it is the best possible solution to rectify a difficult situation.