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The Importance of Insurance SEO in 2020’s Marketing Landscape

A huge part of successfully marketing a company’s services is using the internet. These days, a vast majority of business is conducted online. While a strong online presence might already be a given, you need to think beyond simply owning a website and a handful of associated social media accounts. Marketing trends are always changing, but some practices have proven useful time and time again. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of adjusting copy and content on web assets to improve a company’s rank on Google and other search engines.

How SEO Improves Your Web Assets

Focusing on insurance SEO in 2020 should definitely be a key component of your marketing strategy. If the language on your website is outdated or fails to include the most relevant keywords associated with the insurance industry, then it is going to be more difficult for potential customers to organically come across your services while browsing the net. A strong focus on SEO can also help you catch duplicate content and other issues that can cause your site to be flagged and hidden. Other aspects of insurance SEO in 2020 to consider include:

  • Current social media engagement rates
  • Landing pages and the copy contained on each
  • Email marketing and optimization for different devices

Develop Your Marketing Strategy Around SEO

Marketing in the digital age is all about constantly updating and tweaking your content to fit the times. Pay attention to SEO and learn more about how you can use this tactic to boost the presence of your insurance business.