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The Benefits of a Consumer-Directed Health Plan

Many employers want a group plan that is cost-effective and offers more options to their employees. A consumer-directed health plan fulfills both these criteria. What are CDHPs, and what are their benefits?

Encourages Knowledge

Knowledge is an important part of maintaining good health. If employees are well-informed about health, the experts at iSure suggest a plan that gives them more control over their medical options. A CDHP is accompanied by a health spending account that gives members a way to put money aside for their out-of-pocket costs, including

  • Medication
  • Immunizations
  • Physical therapy
  • Contraceptives

A CDHP puts healthcare decisions back in the hands of the people most affected by them.

Lowers Costs

The upfront costs of a group health plan can be a huge expense for a company, especially a small business. A CDHP can lower those expenses while still providing basic coverage for employees. This type of plan is ideal for companies where employees are younger and mostly healthy. The company saves money on premiums, and the employees are empowered to allocate their healthcare expenses where they need them the most.

Business owners want to take care of their employees, but they also want to protect their bottom line. A CDHP helps them do that. They get lower premiums, and their employees get more control of their healthcare options.