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Special Event Insurance Options

Almost everyone enjoys attending a good special event, and there are several year-round opportunities to attend them. From spring egg hunts and outdoor summer concerts to turkey trots and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, there’s a special event for everyone. One major element could be missing from most of those festivities, though, and that’s special event insurance.

Commercial General Liability

At a bare minimum, most special events should have commercial general liability insurance. This coverage will help cover costs for any incidents where you are proven to be responsible. Because many special events attract such large numbers of people, there’s an increased risk of potential accidents. However, there are several additional types of specialized event insurance that you may want to look into.

Property Damage

Property related coverage will depend on the venue and location of your event. Property damage risk is relatively low with races and parades, but if you rent out a boat or an exhibition hall there’s a greater chance that property could be significantly damaged.

Auto Coverage

If you use any type of vehicle for your special event, you’ll want to look into an auto coverage policy. This could include any preparation work where staff or volunteers are required to use a car to complete any event related tasks. Other types of event insurance coverage include personal and advertising injury, liquor liability, rental insurance, catastrophe coverage, and athletic event insurance.