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Some Auto Situations You’ll Want to Be Covered For

While some types of Connecticut auto insurance will cover traffic collisions and liability, there are some situations that do not fall under the jurisdictions of these kinds of plans:


If your car was left unlocked, or if someone broke into it, any valuables kept inside are at risk of being taken. Even a sound system or sub-woofer could be attractive to potential thieves.


Sometimes we can’t predict when fire is going to strike. If your car even happens to be near a structure when it catches on fire, it could be at risk from falling debris or of catching fire itself. In rare cases, fires can start inside a car as well.


Hail, extreme winds and even floods can potentially cause great damage to your automobile. Parking your car in a garage won’t protect it when a flash flood hits. This threat exists everywhere, though in certain areas the risk is higher.

The best way to prepare yourself for these situations when you are shopping for Connecticut auto insurance is to get comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive plan will cover all of these potential situations and more, because even if you are the world’s safest driver, some things happen beyond our control.