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Situations that Require Medical Staffing Insurance

Most hospitals require a large number of employees, so the services of a medical staffing agency are always in demand. While this type of business can be lucrative, the field of medicine is fraught with liability issues that often end up in court. Here is an explanation of two types of situations that medical staffing insurance covers.


Abusive acts insurance protects a medical staffing agency from claims that an employee physically or mentally abused a patient or co-worker. Regardless of whether the accusation is true, the policy covers the costs of legal representation and counseling. According to, specific abusive acts covered include those that result in the following conditions:

Personal Injury

Medical personnel run the risk of becoming sick or injured while performing their duties. Not only can they fall or succumb to general workplace hazards, but they risk coming into contact with a variety of infectious diseases in the hospital environment. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your staff from large medical bills, and protects you from potential litigation costs.

There will never be a shortage of risks involved with staffing the medical field. With the right insurance policies, however, you can protect both your employees and your business from financial loss.