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Signs of a Strong Workers’ Compensation Policy

When a workplace injury occurs, workers’ compensation insurance provides a number of important benefits for your business and your employees, from coverage for medical expenses to protection from legal fees in the event of a lawsuit. Here are a few traits to look for in a Texas workers comp insurance policy.

First, your policy should be suitable for your line of business. Your industry, the services you provide and the size of your business all have a direct influence on how much risk for injury employees face in the workplace. These factors play an important role in determining your premium.

Don’t forget that your insurance agent is also part of the package. When selecting a workers’ compensation policy, it is essential to find an agent who will be in your court. Your agent should support you in more than one way. At minimum, he or she should be knowledgeable about workers’ compensation and familiar with state and local guidelines.

Understanding of Texas workers comp insurance regulations is merely a baseline requirement, however. Your agent also should be capable of making recommendations to improve workplace safety, decrease insurance premiums and make the best possible policy selection for your needs. Last but not least, your agent must be on the alert for fraudulent claims from employees.