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Safe Harbor for Marina Owners

Owning or operating a marina or yacht club is a challenging experience. You need to carry adequate California marine insurance to minimize the risks and improve your rewards. This will allow you to improve your bottom line while offering all of the top-tier activities and services your clients and members expect.

Attractions like regattas and sailing school sessions are major sources of engagement and profit for marinas in the Golden State. However, these are also potentially sources of significant loss. Competitive attitudes flare up in races and cause people to lose sight of safety practices, something most Marina insurance policies address. Sailing school, by necessity, involves novices who make more than a couple of mistakes even under the most expert instruction. Full coverage lets you offer a safe and fun atmosphere for your members so they can enjoy their adventures on the high seas.

Maintenance craft and other vehicles, both on land and on the water, need to be protected by a comprehensive California marina insurance policy. In terms of watercraft, hull and liability coverage should cover the boats borrowed or rented by your club in addition to those the business owns outright or has financed.

Finally, remember that you’re an employer, and it’s important for you to carry insurance that covers workforce and employment risks. Try asking a specialist in marina and yacht club insurance to get the insurance package that fits your business best.