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Safe Above-Deck Fuel Storage

If you are planning for extended time out on the water, fuel is an important consideration. Unless you plan to make daily trips into a marina, carrying additional gas onboard is a necessity. It is possible to have additional below-deck tankage installed, but there are also a couple of options for above-deck marine fuel tanks.

Above-Deck Options

If you decide to store your extra fuel above-deck, you need to ensure that whatever method you utilize is placed to evenly distribute the weight so that your boat is not off-balance and destabilized. You can choose either a standard portable container or a flexible bladder. Either way, make sure that you only use containers specifically designed to carry fuel.

Portable Containers

Plastic, portable containers provide you with a sturdy and safe way to store extra gas above deck. Low-profile designs are better for weight distribution and stability. Select one that you can easily maneuver when the container is full.

Flexible Bladders

Another great choice is the flexible bladder. These containers are designed to collapse or roll up when emptied, thus they are excellent space savers. These can wear down more quickly than standard portable vessels, but it still often takes a few years before replacement is necessary.

Storing fuel on a boat gives you the ability to extend your time out on the water. Standard portable containers and flexible bladders provide the option for above-deck storage, just be sure to choose one designed to hold fuel to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.