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The Right Coverage for Your Construction Company

Just as the construction industry is varied, so are the insurance options. Whether you are a contractor, carpenter, plumber, framer, painter, electrician, landscaper or work in any other capacity in the construction field, the need for insurance will most likely arise. Because accidents are typically inevitable, finding a Newton construction insurance agency can help your business continue to thrive.

A plumber’s needs are typically different than a landscaper’s or carpenter’s needs. The range of accidents is often different for a contractor versus a mason so their coverage should reflect that. An insurance specialist can sit down with you and discuss the range of work you do. Once they know your day to day tasks, they can customize a set of policies that will cover your specific job. Some fields may need pollution coverage and others have a low risk. A general liability plan is often the foundation but others can be added such as a surety bond or policies that protect your business property and equipment. With all of the choices it can become overwhelming, but finding a Newton construction insurance agency can help you navigate which additional plans are right for your business.

While you strive to create a safe work environment, accidents and lawsuits can still occur. Proper coverage can keep those things from devastating your business.