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Why Purchase BOP Insurance?

A business owner policy typically combines business liability and business property insurance into one policy. It can help cover your business against claims of theft, fire and other disasters as well as claims involving bodily injury, personal and advertising injury and property damage.

Who Is It For?

It is usually available to small and medium-sized businesses. Many providers of a business owner policy require that a company meet certain qualifications. It is great for businesses with a physical location. If your business with customers, you could risk being sued. Such a policy can help protect against such claims. It is also beneficial to businesses with assets that could be stolen or damaged.

What Are the Advantages?

BOP packages are smart and convenient. It can simplify the insurance buying process and save your business money. It includes the main two coverages that most companies need. You can save money while getting broad coverage.

Most providers don’t limit you to property and liability insurance. You can choose to add other options to your plan, saving even more money. You may want to add data breach coverage, off-premises utility services and business interruption protection.

A business owner policy is a great choice for many businesses. It makes buying insurance easy and straightforward while saving you money to put towards growing your company.