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Protecting Your Business From Cyber Liability

In today’s emerging technology with the use of computers, data breaches can occur and systems can be hacked in any business. Whatever the cause, losses can occur when these things happen and the loss to your business can be substantial. Your company may be held liable when sensitive information belonging to customers or employees is disclosed without proper authorization. While most businesses may have general liability insurance, it may not cover cyber liability. Here are some things that Carmel cyber liability insurance can cover for your business.

  • Business Interruption. If s security breach causes you to temporarily stop operating your business, cyber liability insurance may cover the loss of income.
  • Cyber Terrorism and Extortion. Expenses related to attacks to your company’s computer system can be covered, including those that have a demand for ransom.
  • Privacy Breach Expenses. Expenses for offering services to affected customers such as credit monitoring, notification and consumer support after a privacy breach can be covered.
  • Liability Claims. Liability claims that may result from confidential information being disclosed without authorization can be covered, as well as liability for damage to others resulting from copyright infringement, slander and libel. Liability insurance can even cover liability for damage to reputation.

Cyber liability issues can affect any size business in any industry. Carmel cyber liability insurance can protect your business by covering cyber related liabilities that your business may face.