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Protecting Sensitive Information Online

With the steady rate of technology growth, it is important for businesses to keep up and adapt to the changing work environment. Today, valuable information is less rarely seen locked away in file cabinets, but instead, many businesses have upgraded and gone digital. While this has become much more convenient and even made many administrative processes more efficient, it still carries certain risks that need a new strategy of defense. When sensitive information is constantly relayed between computers and stored on these devices, protective measures such as cyber insurance become indispensable to keeping sensitive information secured and making the recovery process as swift as possible.

Types of Cyber Crime

While the ability to connect with a virtually infinite network of computers, come certain consequences. As technology evolves, so do cyber risks. While the following risks are not exclusive to business environments, they are harmful nonetheless:

Phishing scams
Data Breaches
Trojan horse viruses
Unauthorized sharing of information by employees
Identity theft

Even if it is inevitable that many people might encounter attempts or actual cases of cybercrime, there’s no need to deal with it passively. With added security, education about safe computer practices and safeguards like cyber insurance, advanced technology can continue to be seen as an asset to homes and businesses alike.