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How to Protect Your Organization from Cyber Crime

You have likely heard of incidents when hackers illegally access sensitive information such as social security numbers from banks and other institutions. You may have even been a victim of one of these crimes. It is rattling enough when someone else’s company files prove vulnerable, let alone your own. Despite increasingly sophisticated security systems, hackers are finding ways to steal data. Fortunately, there are tactics that you can employ to reduce your organization’s cyber risk.

Double Cyber Agent

Some IT departments are soliciting the help of the “bad guys” – reformed hackers who have gotten into the business of counseling businesses. These insiders know exactly what kind of weaknesses hackers look for in a company system and how they go about executing their schemes. Their dual purpose involves assessing the current situation and guiding IT staff members in fortifying security measures, strengthening the organization’s defenses considerably.

Insured Against Theft

Should the worst happen and a data breach occur, you should be in good shape if you previously purchased cyber risk insurance. These policies protect companies in several different ways. Perhaps the most significant privacy liability coverage, which is liability for the customers, members and employees of the insured business. The vast majority of policies also include crisis management coverage, which helps mitigate the costs of the public relations fallout that results from many breaches.

When it comes to cyber crime, you can rest easy. Your company does not need to suffer from the malicious work of hackers if you leverage smart tactics to lower its cyber risk.