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Preventing Employee Theft in the Workplace

Employee theft can negatively impact your business in a number of ways. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can keep criminal behavior at bay and protect your company’s reputation. Here are some steps you can take to prevent employee theft in your business.

Keeping the Office Safe During Off-Hours

While this might seem obvious, it’s a crucial step towards keeping your business protected at all times. As soon as you’re about to leave for the day, make sure you lock the office up securely. Failing to properly close up for the night and during vacation can give employees an easy opportunity to engage in dishonest behavior.

Strengthening Your Screening Process

One of the most effective internal controls to prevent employee theft is a stronger screening process. Be sure to run in-depth background checks that cover various aspects of an employee’s history, such as credit scores and criminal records. Your screening process should be especially detailed for positions in accounting, finance and other roles that involve access to financial records.

Staying Protected in Any Situation

While it’s vital to take the proper measures to deter employee theft, you never know what might happen. The right coverage can keep you protected from various threats to your business. As the experts at report, you can cater to your insurance policy to your needs so that it helps you achieve your specific business goals.