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Oil Spill Protection for Vessels Over 300 Tons

The safety of the harbors is important. If you own a vessel over 300 gross tons, then you have to worry about the liabilities that come with it. Oil spills happen. While you may do everything to try to avoid them if the worst does happen, you need to have the coverage that will not only keep your vessel and pocketbook safe, but you need to be able to afford the fines and penalties associated with cleanup. The COFR helps ensure that you have the financial means to cover any spill.

What If You Don’t Have One?

If you do not have this certificate, then you could end up detained, fined up to 30,000 dollars on the daily or denied entry from any destination. The COFR is required and while it does have a long process, it is well worth it to avoid the consequences of not having one.

How Can You Obtain One?

If you want to obtain one, the process happens online. You can undergo the whole process on the USCG website. There, you can also apply for new or supplemental coverage or make any online payments.
When it comes to having a COFR, if you are a vessel over 300 gross tons, then you have to have one. Without one, you will suffer fines, detainment or you won’t be able to enter your destination. It is better to go through the process.