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Nightclub Insurance

As the owner of a nightclub you are open to a vast array of risks and exposures. Everything from people engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior to fighting, causing injuring to other patrons, damages occurring from brawls and many other senseless acts. Add to that, should someone be injured in a vehicle, or injure or mortally wound another person after leaving your place of business, you might well be held accountable for this as well.


This is all the more reason to use good business sense, especially when it comes to the serving of alcohol to patrons of your establishment. By enforcing certain rules and codes of ethics, you can lessen the chances that you may come under legal obligation for the actions of others.


Things to Consider To Mandate to Your Employees


  • Have your bartenders and waitpersons check identification to ensure the person is of the proper drinking age.
  • Determine whether or not a person has had “too much” to drink and advise them they will no longer be served if you consider them intoxicated.
  • Should a fight break out have security on the alert to intervene and remove anyone from the premises, especially if you think alcohol may have been a factor.
  • Create a fun atmosphere, and try to keep everyone calm and friendly, especially if it is a large crowd.
  • Monitor the people in your club, either directly, or by use of video cameras, to ensure that there are no incidents brewing.
  • Be ready for any and all situations and insure that exits are properly marked.


By being proactive you can avoid serious consequences resulting from people having more fun than they can handle.