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Why You Need Insurance for a Bar

A pub offers fun and unique ways to provide entertainment for the masses. Ladies night, karaoke night and happy hour are just some offerings that bring business into a bar and keeps the place hopping week after week. Running a watering hole is a huge responsibility. The more people drink, the more volatile some become. This holds true particularly in a sports bar, where fans can get unruly during a heated rivalry game. Insurance for a bar goes beyond your typical commercial property and liability coverage for these reasons, and you must ensure that you hold all the protection you need should the party get out of hand.

People hit the bar to drink, and many have the intention of getting drunk. This is fine if they are happy drunks and plan on taking a cab home, but sometimes one or neither of these conditions are met. Some people become agitated when they’ve overly consumed, and this poses a danger to your employees and your patrons. Violence against a bartender has been known to occur once the employee cuts the drinker off, and violence against other patrons can occur for any number of reasons. Protect yourself, your employees and your establishment with an all-inclusive package that contains all of the riders insurance for a bar needs.