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The Necessity of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in North Carolina

According to the state law of North Carolina, employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. This is primarily to protect the employers against work-related injury lawsuits but it can also greatly help employees who are injured as a result of their job.

Any business in North Carolina with more than three people in its employ must have workers’ compensation insurance. Employees include everyone from part-time workers and minors to seasonal and temporary workers. Even trainees and working family members are considered employees. Some subcontractors already have workers’ compensation insurance, but they and all of their workers must be counted as employees anyway.

Workers’ compensation insurance can be used by employers to pay for medical treatments and doctor visits for injured employees. They can also use it to pay for any necessary hospital stays or medical testing resulting from a work related injury. Physical therapy and even prostheses may be covered depending on the specifics of the insurance policy. Sometimes employers have to compensate an employee for wages lost due to disability. In the event of a death, workers’ compensation insurance may cover death benefits.

Claims made for workers’ compensation can be extremely expensive and could potentially bankrupt a company that is not protected by North Carolina workers’ compensation insurance. While having this type of insurance is required by the state, it can also be an enormous benefit to employers. Help keep your business and your employees safe by having workers’ compensation insurance.