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Make Auto Policy Creation Even Easier

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Commercial auto policies are among the most popular of all products offered by today’s top insurance companies. Since businesses are actively looking for auto policies, it is up to each insurance agency to proactively offer competitive policies that address the concerns of commercial insurance customers. Speed is essential to making sales so anything that can be done to make using commercial auto rating systems easier to use is going to be a welcome change.


Streamlining the Policy Creation Process


There are three types of computer software that, when used in conjunction, can streamline each step of policy creation.


  • Web service user interface – This interface should combine flexible, user-oriented options with dynamic web connectivity. A control panel generates the premium by interfacing with the commercial auto rating system selected by the agency.
  • Commercial lines rating system – This system grants agents access to ratings for any commercial lines of coverage. Today’s best systems can accommodate ratings for multi-state, multi-location policies.
  • Policy printing system – Once the policy has been created the relevant forms have to be printed. This system will draw from information entered into other programs in the software suite. Better printing systems allow for both print and electronic form distribution.


Selecting software designed to work together further contributes to ease of use. Implementing new software suites allow agencies to jumpstart the process of policy creation and will help customers get necessary coverage that must faster.