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Local Knowledge, National-Caliber Expertise

If you do business in New England, you may think that your choice of insurance brokers is less important than the actual coverage you carry. But insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar can be a great resource for you, providing support and advice informed by local knowledge and experience.

Value for Clients

Since its founding in 1995, NorthStar has grown to become one of New England’s largest insurance agencies. This translates into real value for clients in terms of key elements like:

  • experience
  • expertise
  • service
  • industry knowledge

Every business wants to work with an insurance broker that offers great products and competitive rates. But local knowledge adds another layer of value. Extensive experience with regional industries and business cultures, and a solid understanding of local laws and regulations allow local agencies to offer solutions that are precisely targeted to meet your needs. In the event of an incident or claim, they know the best response to minimize the impact on your business and get things back to normal. Additionally, a local insurance agent is part of the larger local business culture; a partner who shares your desire to support the community.

You always have choices about who you work with, and insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar are there for you. They understand your needs and do their best to provide the service that will help you reach your goals.