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Liquor Liability Insurance And Why You Need it

liquor liability insuranceAs the owner of a business that sells liquor or makes liquor available to patrons, you may know a little about liquor liability insurance in New Jersey, Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania, but do you know why you need it and how it protects you? There are specific guidelines in the liability laws pertaining to the responsible sale and management of businesses that sell liquor. If the following example circumstances occur, it could result in a law suit being filed against your business.

  • A customer is injured in an altercation fueled by alcohol.
  • An individual could possibly claim psychological and physical damages caused by the consumption of liquor purchased from your business.

If a law suit is filed in situations like the above examples, and you are like the roughly 65% of businesses that do not carry liquor liability insurance in New Jersey, Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania, then it could mean the end of your business.

What Type of Business Needs Insurance?

Businesses that are involved in the following activities should have liquor liability insurance in New Jersey, Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania:

  • sell liquor
  • serve liquor
  • produce liquor
  • make liquor available to customers

If your business operates outside of state laws governing the sale and circulation of liquor, then liability insurance will not afford you any protection. The insurance most often covers a business against risks and costs associated with (but not limited to) bodily injury, property damage, emotional suffering, and more.

When you own a business that provides liquor to customers, you need liability insurance to protect you and your business from things that might occur as a result of irresponsible customer consumption.