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Insurance Protects Against Crop Losses Due to Extreme Weather

Extreme weather comes and goes throughout the land. While a third of the nuts and fruit are grown in sunny California, the area is prone to Santa Ana winds, flooding and mudslides that can affect crop production. Insurance for agriculture can help protect your farm against crop losses.

Insurance Recommendations

As recommended by insurance agents such as Arroyo farm liability, environmental liability and crop/hail coverage can help prevent financial losses for your agricultural business. Farms benefit from a host of other business insurance, but these specialty insurances are necessary for the agricultural business. With the changing weather upon us, it is important to protect your business.

Good News

A cold spell does have an upside because it can help reduce the number of pests and insects out for your crops. However, the cold does need to drop significantly and for a few days to have any real impact. Some of the recent polar vortexes have gone far south and may not be finished for the season. The back and forth of freezing and thawing temperatures can help the soil soften and prepare it for the spring planting season.

Insurance for agriculture helps protect your business from extreme weather. You can take measures to protect your existing crop, but the weather is the largest reason for crop losses in the nation.