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Insurance Healthcare Companies Should Carry

If you operate a healthcare company, you need to protect yourself against a variety of circumstances. There are a few specific healthcare insurance programs that you should have to serve your patients, clients and staff best.

General Liability Insurance

General liability covers staff and patients in the event of property damage or accidents on your companies site. This includes slip and fall, damage to a person’s individual property and other general issues.

Medical Liability Insurance

This is similar to malpractice insurance that covers a doctor. It covers medical staff against lawsuits that relate to failure to provide due care. This type includes damages due to negligence and personal suffering.

Fidelity Bonds

Although you may do criminal background checks on your employees, you still need protection against theft in the workplace, particularly if your workers care for people in their homes. This covers theft and other criminal behavior on the part of your employees.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation covers your worker’s physical wellbeing while they are at work. If your employee is attacked or injured while performing their job, they need to be protected. This includes medical bills and other services to make your workers whole again.

No matter what type of healthcare company you manage or own, these basic coverages are a must. Unfortunately, accidents and accusations of negligence happen on occasion. It is better to have coverage than to be left liable for any of these circumstances.