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Insurance For Event Photographers

As an event photographer, you are likely accustomed to a financially volatile industry. While work can be plentiful in some seasons, it can also quickly dry up at other parts of the year. Because it is “gig”-oriented work, it is acutely vulnerable to slowdowns — or major shutdowns, as occurred in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To protect your fiscal well-being and promote long-term financial security, event photographer liability insurance is a must-have for all photographers in the industry.

What Does Insurance Cover?

A reputable insurer can work with you to design a policy of event photographer liability insurance that is applicable to your job and unique commitments. A policy may include the following:

  • Liability coverage, in the event of damage to another person or property
  • Equipment coverage, to protect your camera and other gear
  • Crime coverage, in the event of employee theft

Other types of coverage may be applicable to you and your business, depending on the particular nature of your work, what types of venues you work in, and how large an operation you manage. Ultimately, working with an insurance professional to design a comprehensive event photographer insurance policy will ensure that you are well-protected if you face any accident, damage, or other incidents in the course of your employment.