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Insurance Coverage for Mobile Homes in Florida

Writing Florida property insurance programs is tough for insurance companies since the risks to property in Florida are different than they are in other areas of the country. The types of property present can also be unique at times. For example, because of the number of retirees in the state who look for convenience and cost effectiveness, mobile homes are more prevalent in Florida than elsewhere. Mobile homes present uncommon risks and insurance companies should be aware of them when forming a coverage program.

There are certain aspects of a mobile home that open the property up to different risks than traditional housing. When writing Florida property insurance programs, insurers need to be aware that mobile homes are particularly susceptible to water damage during flooding or heavy storms. Homes built prior to the US Department of Housing and Urban Developmentā€™s 1976 guidelines may be made of flammable materials, meaning owners need fire coverage. Mobile homes have equipment that allow them to be secured in place, and an insurance policy should include coverage in the event that this equipment is damaged.

Insurance companies should not let themselves be removed from the market in Florida just because they do not understand the different kinds of properties and coverages that may be necessary in this distinctive state. Florida property insurance programs should include coverage for mobile homes and all their particular risks.