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Include Content on Your Insurance Website

It may seem obvious to include content on your website, but it’s not that simple. When it comes to insurance sites, it’s easy to just include the bare necessities: information on the agency, what kind of insurance is offered and ways of contact. However, this isn’t enough to interest a visitor or potential client. Someone would quickly find the basics and realize there is nothing more to see. Then, they’ll likely move on to the next website.

If there is more available, visitors may feel enticed to stay longer and become further familiar with the insurance company. Especially if there is included content that is more personal or interesting, these viewers may find the agency more unique and interesting, ensuring they remember their experience. Here are some examples of what to consider including.


Having a blog gives insurance sites the freedom to add a variety of content, from personal stories and experience, advice and tips, videos, fun articles and more. Creativity can draw in people to read blog posts and get a better view of the agency.


Not only can you answer common questions, but also show how helpful your agency is with an FAQ. More personalized questions can be included, as well.

Direct Contact

The easier it is to contact someone and ask a quick question, the more likely someone is going to feel inclined to reach out. Don’t just give phone numbers or emails and instead add a contact form or online chat.