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How to Choose the Right Workers Compensation Company

Florida like most states in the country requires employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Without the protection of workers compensation insurance, companies are at risk for civil lawsuits due to worker injuries on the job. An agent can help you find the right workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando.

Covered Benefits

Depending on the type of work done, the cost of the plan is determined by the risk factors to the employees of illness or injury. Workers compensation companies in Orlando work to protect the employer from civil suit due to on the job injuries. Coverage typically extends to:

  • Occupational diseases due to workplace conditions
  • Sudden accidents
  • Cumulative trauma from performing repetitive tasks
  • Injuries while traveling for business including errands, social functions and trips

Employer Responsibilities

In addition to benefits for employees, workers compensation insurance doesn’t fully eliminate employer liability. Preventing injuries and illnesses from happening can mitigate risks to the employer. Providing insurance forms to injured employees is a requirement of most workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando. Employees should know the details of the benefit plan, their rights to receive treatment and know who to contact in case of injury or illness. An agent can help you find the best policy to suit your risks, work and costs.