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How Much Does it Cost to Get Boat Insurance?

You finally achieved your dream of living in California and buying a yacht, but there’s still have a little more work to do before you can launch your craft on the open water. Buying the right boat insurance policy is the biggest task to complete. The first question you might have for an agency about California yacht insurance is “How much does it cost?”

While it would be great to share a price range for standard boat insurance, the truth is so much affects the cost of an insurance policy it is hard to lock down a typical price, especially when it comes to expensive boats, like a yacht. Some of those factors include yacht size and assets like furniture, appliances and electronics.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Price

Some new boaters focus too much on price and not enough on coverage. When buying California yacht insurance, it is important to remember that an agent will develop a policy that is specific to your boat and what it would cost to replace the whole thing. If you focus solely on price, you may select a policy that will leave your boat inadequately covered.

Once you know you have the right coverage, you can then work on price. Ask the right questions, and you should have no problem selecting the right California yacht insurance.