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How Does Car Collector Insurance Differ From Traditional Auto Insurance?

Car collector insurance is significantly different than traditional auto insurance protection. This difference lies in the purpose of the car. Most families own cars for work or pleasure. They tend to put a lot of mileage on these vehicles. Although they take care of their cars, most have no particular point of pride in their vehicles. They are just cars.

In comparison, car collector enthusiasts are very emotionally invested in their vehicles. They choose the car according to their special wants and needs. They spend time outfitting the car, making sure it has the most powerful or most classic accessories. Some even include expensive memorabilia or ornaments. Owners of these special vehicles want to make sure that their prized vehicles have proper protection, down to the last vintage part.

In addition, the way car collectors drive their vehicles is very different. They tend to put significantly fewer miles on their car. In general, they drive to shows or take a parade cruise. In some cases, even show transportation is done with a trailer or flat bed, to preserve the vehicle. For this reason, a miles-based coverage may not be as appropriate for a show car. Often, companies will negotiate a risk-specific policy to each owner based on their needs and desire for protection. For these reasons, car collector enthusiasts often fare best by contacting an agent that specializes in car collector insurance.