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How Commercial Marine Insurance Protects Ship Workers

Working on commercial ships is a hazardous and unique line of work that contains dangers not found in other industries. In order to safeguard your business’ financial assets, as well as the health of your employees, developing a well-designed policy of commercial marine insurance is essential for companies in the industry.

What Unique Hazards Do Ship Workers Face?

The risks of working at sea have always been significant, and this remains true in the present day. Ship workers may face any or all of the hazards below, and others:

  • Close quarters — and visits to foreign countries — that allow for easy disease spread
  • Injuries sustained in maintaining heavy or hazardous cargo
  • Risk of drowning
  • Hazardous exposure to the elements, including both extreme heat or cold

These are only some of the unique dangers that working on commercial ships entails.

What Is the Best Way To Mitigate Risk?

An experienced insurer can assist in reducing risk by helping to streamline safety policies and crew training, ensuring you adhere to OSHA standards, ensuring your employees have access to adequate PPE, and identifying specific structural risks onboard ships that can be mitigated.

These policies, in combination with carrying comprehensive commercial marine insurance, will help to protect your business assets, as well as your workers, in the event of any accident.