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What Does Hospice Insurance Cover?

Hospice insurance programs cover a variety of issues dealing with the hospice community. Some of these are common to all businesses and some are more specific to the health care industry. If you run a hospice center, here are some instances where hospice insurance is necessary.

Government Violations and Audits

Healthcare is closely regulated by the national government, including billing practices for Medicare and general accountability. The costs associate with alleged billing abuse, audits and HIPPA violations are often covered by insurance.

Injuries and Accidents

Both employees and patients in your care can suffer injury due to slips or falls. Insurance can help cover medical expenses associated with this kind of accident. Insurance can also cover costs if these accidents are the result of negligence.

Security and Data Breaches

Hospice facilities hold a lot of personal information for patients and family members. A data breach can be expensive when it comes to compensating those affected. Hospice insurance programs are a good way to protect your facility in case a security breach happens.

Insuring your hospice facility is necessary to handle costs associated with accidents, neglect or data breaches. Using hospice insurance programs to cover these incidents means you can focus more on what you care about, the health and well-being of your patients and their family members.