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High Security on the High Seas

A recreational marine insurance wholesaler can help you and your clients navigate the rough waters of the marine insurance industry. Whether you’re a member of something larger, or you captain a ship of one, there are always risks and responsibilities when it comes to doing business on the high seas.

When You’re Part of a Crew

Marinas and yacht clubs require both marine and non-marine coverages for comprehensive protection. Whether your clients deal with craft rentals, hospitality services, retail and sales, maintenance, or storage, there are a variety of rules and regulations that must be met. Your recreational marine insurance wholesaler can also help you stay the course through necessary partnerships with law enforcement organizations, such as the Coast Guard, OSHA, and Homeland Security.

For Boat Builders

Master craft builders understand that their workmanship must perform well, meet safety standards, and capture the eye of every sailor in the port. Likewise, your marine insurer should offer products and services that wholly protect your insureds, comply with all industry standards and regulations, and attract clients with affordability, versatility, and reliability. Ask your wholesaler about coverages for aspects like business property, tools and equipment, income, inventory, and crime.

Recreate Responsibly

The best recreational marine insurance wholesaler will help you assess your needs and provide you comprehensive protection for you, your clients, and all their dealings on the deep.