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Finding Car Insurance After a DUI in NJ

Getting busted for driving under the influence in New Jersey means a few fresh changes in your life. You’ll likely have to surrender your license for a short span of time. You might have wrecked your car or injured yourself. Your insurance policy might have been terminated, or your rates might have increased to a point that it isn’t financially feasible for you to keep it in force any longer. So how do you find good car insurance after a DUI in NJ?

Start with your previous insurer. If you have a good history, you might find that your policy will remain intact and that your rates won’t go through the roof. But many national companies increase rates after a serious infraction as a standard operating procedure. So where do you turn? Everywhere. Check rates in multiple places. If you check them all within a few days of one another, the inquiries against your credit report won’t affect you, so get it done. Your best results are likely to come from agents that represent multiple insurance producers. They’ll be able to go to more than one place in order to get you the best rates available.

Finding good insurance after a DUI in NJ will be a process, but a good agent will help you find your way.