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How to File Claims to Receive Dog Bite Insurance Settlements

For dog owners whose pets bit someone, being sued for injuries caused by the dogs can be extremely stressful. Depending on the damages, pet owners may need to pay the victims hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical bills. They may even be required to pay for lost wages due to the injuries caused by the pets.

Fortunately, some dog owners have been wise enough to get dog bite liability insurance. Once claims have been made, the insurance company may determine the amount they will pay out in dog bite insurance settlements. The total amount will usually be determined by the type of coverage owners have. There are certain things owners may do to increase the chances of receiving full coverage. Once the incident occurs, they should make sure the injured person or animal gets medical treatment right away and that their dog is properly secured. Owners should also take pictures of the injuries and report the incident right away. If there are any witnesses, owners should get their contact information. Insurance companies often require that an incident is reported to them within ten days. If it is not, the claim may not be covered.

While dog owners would rather not have to file a claim that their dog bit someone, having the insurance company pay the dog bite insurance settlements is better than if the dog owners had to pay everything themselves.